Sports, Culture & Event Management PT
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Kohlhofer Monika
Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer
Director of Studies Sports, Culture & Event Management
+43 5372 71819 176
Mag. Annemarie Kapferer
Mag. Annemarie Kapferer, MSc
Lecturer for Marketing
+43 5372 71819 139
Moser Sibylle
Prof. (FH) Dr. Sibylle Moser
Professor for Media Studies & Cultural Management
+43 5372 71819 227
Romanelli Mark
Mark Romanelli, MBA
Lecturer for General & Strategic Management
+43 5372 71819 107
Angela Scalet
Angela Scalet, BA
Research Fellow Sports, Culture & Event Management
+43 5372 71819 131
Stura Claudia
Prof. (FH) Dr. Claudia Stura
Vice Director of Studies Sports, Culture & Event Management
+43 5372 71819 198
Dr. Verena Teissl
Prof. (FH) Dr. Verena Teissl
Professor for Cultural Management & Cultural Studies
+43 5372 71819 197
Wojciechowski Torsten
Prof. (FH) Dr. Torsten Wojciechowski
Professor for Sport and Health Sciences
+43 5372 71819 129

Lecturers (Selection)

Profilbild Lektor
MMMag. Dr Johannes Augustin, BSc MA
Prospective Attorney at Law
AWZ Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Innsbruck
Specialist area: Law
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Dörflinger Aliette
Mag.a. Aliette Dörflinger
Project leader
Red Noses Clownsdoctors Austria
Specialist area: Cultural Management, Cultural Management Research, Cultural and Creative Industries
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Fuchs Ulrich
Ulrich Fuchs
Directorate Culture and Education, European Commission Brussels
Selection and evaluation of European Capitals of Culture, member of the panel
Specialist area: Urban Studies, City Development
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Gamper Philipp
Mag. (FH) Philipp Gamper
Head of Event Programming
Specialist area: Marketing Communication (Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing in New Channels, Digital Marketing, Applied Marketing Concepts & Events Management)
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Knüsel Pius
Lic. Phil. Pius Knüsel
CEO, Syn-Text Wissenschaft und Kultur GmbH
Director, Volkshochschule Zürich AG
Specialist area: Cultural Management, Cultural Policy, Cultural Critism, Cultural Funding, Human Resource Management;
Profilbild Lektor
Vito Lo Iacono
Capo Marketing Ltd
Specialist area: Strategic Marketing, Strategic Major Events
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Profilbild Lektor
Ing. Mag. Paul Mair
mc2alpin – Association for experience and safety
Specialist area: Teambuildung and Outdoortraining
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Rössler Lukas
Mag. Lukas Rössler, MBA
Fosbury (, Owner & CEO
Specialist area: Event Design, Events 2.0
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Profilbild Lekttorin
Elisabeth Steurer, MA
Certificated UIAGM Mountain Guide
Specialist area: Practical Project Management, Team Building (Outdoor), Business Start-up, Enterprise foundation in sports,- and cultural field
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Wolfram Gernot
Prof. Dr. Gernot Wolfram
Professor for Media- and Arts Management
Macromedia University Berlin
Specialist area: Arts Management & Cultural Studies
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