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Key Learning Outcomes

Graduates are able to:

  • use sound knowledge of sports, culture and event management including the sociological, psychological, legal and technical implications and implement sustainably in the corresponding fields of practice
  • plan, structure, budget and carry out events as well as smaller event formats from sports and culture from commercial as well as non-commerical areas. Integrate the economical, socio-cultural, infra-strucural, political and psychological effects using media.
  • reflect the significance of sports and cultural events in the context of modern event societies and transfer innovative tendencies into planning concepts and projects (e.g. green events, integration projects in sports and culture, digital events, etc.)
  • show the situation of the culture and creativity industries in Austria, Europe and the USA from the (infra)structural, sociological and culture political point of view. Evaluate current sporting and cultural events with regards to planning quality, budgeting, implementation, degree of innovativation and sustainability.
  • Synergetically transfer theoretical knowledge to practice projects and, at the same time, distinguish between the individual scientific and methodical approaches in sports and culture sciences as well as in sports and culture management.


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Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer
Director of Studies
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Infofolder Sports, Culture & Event Management FT
Infofolder Sports, Culture & Event Management FT
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10 years SKVM Booklet

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