FH Kufstein Tirol
The team offers students a management education that keeps pace with the times. (in the picture from left to right: Director of Studies, University of Applied Sciences Professor Dr. Peter Dietrich and University of Applied Sciences Professors Dr. Julian Müller, Dr. Petra Meyer, and Dr. Bernd Wollmann.)

A breath of fresh air for the International Business Studies study program

21.12.2021 | General
The bachelor and master study programs in the area of International Business Studies are starting the 2021/22 winter semester with new content and personnel.

The fundamental rework of the curricula for the bachelor and master programs in the area of International Business Studies (IBS) will strongly prepare the students as of now for the topics of digital transformation and change management. This education will make them into experts for the VUCA world with a high value on soft skills such as personal development.

Change Management

Digital transformation is receiving top priority in both the bachelor and master study programs, and the topic of change management is obtaining a strong emphasis. Dr. Petra Meyer, Lecturer for Change Management & Leadership and University of Applied Sciences Professor Dr. Julian Müller, University of Applied Sciences Professor for Change Management & Organizational Development are available to teach these programs.

Dr. Petra Meyer has years of experience at the university level and experience with further development of managers and teams. She is convinced by the new concept: “The study programs are very much in touch with the latest trends so that we can meet future international challenges together. We make it possible for students to develop skills so that they can think and act in a way that is purposeful, sustainable, and business minded to be able to manage change. This is why it is also important for managers to be in contact with themselves and the environment.” University of Applied Sciences Professor Dr. Julian Müller who focuses on research and application in the area of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 added: “In addition to business-related knowledge, an understanding of technical developments and international connections is essential for the challenges of the future.”

Students are not only coached in professional and business skills but especially in analytical astuteness and strategic tactfulness. They also receive insights into different cultural environments and languages.

General Management

Our all-around management education conveys the necessary expertise to judge the market, to give consideration to regulatory parameters in analyses, and to derive successful strategies from this to be able to continuously deal with new challenges. Dr. Bernd Wollmann, Lecturer for Marketing & Customer Experience, is a proven expert in the area of Digital Marketing and is now on the IBS team. “I am glad to be able to prepare students for the challenges of future marketing and to be on a dynamic team at an open-minded higher education institution. As a link between businesses and academia, I would like to make a contribution to an intense dialog between Vienna and Tirol,” said Dr. Bernd Wollmann in conclusion. Wollmann has a lot of practical experience and exciting insights from his daily work as a long time Digital Marketing Head at Casinos Austria AG. 

Fit for the future on the international job market

The further development of the study programs has led to the fact that the following course content has received a higher weighting: digital transformation, change management, organizational psychology, or science for future. The new concept also offers modern management education. Director of Studies, University of Applied Sciences Professor Dr. Peter Dietrich, is convinced that, “the study program puts a high emphasis on conveying technical expertise in touch with the latest trends and promotes the development of key social skills. This puts us in a perfect position to make our students fit for their future on the international job market.”