Dr.-Ing. Michael Fiedeldey über die Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft aus Sicht der Stadtwerke Bamberg
Foto von Dr.-Ing. Michael Fiedeldey am Rednerpult

Digitalization in the energy industry from the perspective of the Stadtwerke Bamberg utility company

01.02.2017 | General
Dr.-Ing. Michael Fiedeldey illustrated how digitalization transforms the energy industry.

Digitalization has become the defining trend in all aspects of life – as Industry 4.0, Home 4.0, or Energy 4.0. Data generation and management has become a key aspect in the energy industry as well. Dr.-Ing. Michael Fiedeldey discussed this topic on January 27, 2017, as part of the lecture series "The energy industry of today", organized by the European Energy Business study program at the FH Kufstein Tirol. The expert emphasized the exponential growth in different areas and elaborated on the future challenges for the energy industry. In order to ensure commercial survival, utility companies will have to compensate for the disappearance of current business areas by creating new market and business models.