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Insight Tour VI: Developing a spoken theater production

03.06.2019 | General
Already for the sixth time, the Tirolean State Theater made it possible for a group of SKVM students of FH Kufstein Tirol to gain insights into theater production. The focus was on the play “Astoria” by Jura Soyfer under the direction of Elke Hartmann.

Within the context of the Sports, Culture & Event Management study program, the Tirolean State Theater (TLT) offers students of FH Kufstein Tirol an Insight Tour – consisting of three visits and the concluding invitation to the premiere – in order for students to gain insights into theater production.

Astoria, a fictitious country

The initial visit is always especially exciting: Students are allowed to join the first meeting between the director, actors and designers. The characteristics of the play and its characters are discussed in this meeting. Director Hartmann explained the importance of the political writer Jura Soyfer who died of typhus at the age of 27 at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Soyfer’s theatrical idea was inspired by the concept to use the medium of theater as a way to improve society. His plays are at times written in a carefree language, and the team around Hartmann quickly agreed that improvisation and modernization are permissible. “Astoria” is about a fictitious country, created in order to feed the hopes and longings of the protagonists without ever fulfilling them. The stage setting by Alexia Engl provided the perfect spatial design for this critical-satirical arrangement.

The world of the TLT

Chief dramaturge Christina Alexandridis explained the circumstances and dynamics that are relevant for the play schedule of the multi-genre playhouse. During the next visits, the students discovered that the TLT resembles a small city on account of all its workshops. Under the informed guidance of chief stage designer Helfried Lauckner, the students were also shown the iron curtain designed by Max Weiler in 1967, representing one the many artworks of Weiler that are – quasi – displayed in a public space. The aide of the commercial director Matthias Köster finally gave the students insights into the financing of this public institution and explained why cultural assets are subsidized as merit goods. Culture as a location factor, e.g. for workplaces was also emphasized. Christoph Brunner of the marketing department and Désirée Walter (media and public relations) referenced the great present importance of storytelling for addressing the audience, especially on social media channels. “No story, no glory,” as Walter encapsulated it. 

Attending the premiere was once again the highlight this year. The production celebrated by critics was a somewhat unusual theater experience for the students and an event they will not soon forget. The play can still be seen until June 21.

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