Studiengangsleiterin, Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer und Angela Scalet, BA, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Studiengang, (im Bild mittig) freuen sich über die Auszeichnung.
Klimabündnis Tirol/Die Fotografen
Director of Studies, Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer and Angela Scalet, BA, research assistant in the study program, (in the center of the picture) are happy about the award.

Indie Sunset Festival awarded by Green Events Tirol

09.09.2021 | Practical projects
On August 31, 2021, the Green Events Tirol initiative of the Climate Alliance and the Tirolean Environment Association awarded prizes for outstanding events. This also included the "Indie Sunset Festival 2021" event organized by students.

In the bachelor's and master's degree programs in Sports, Culture & Event Management (SKVM), the students organize and implement events every semester as part of practical projects. The awareness for sustainable and environmentally conscious events has been firmly anchored in the degree program since 2015. "In the 2015 summer semester, an event was certified for the first time as part of a practical project. The environmentally conscious approach from the beginning of planning to implementation is one of the central values ​​that we convey in the degree program," explains Director of Studies, Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer.

Award for FH Kufstein Tirol event

The Indie Sunset Festival took place in May 2021 for the eleventh time in a row.  Since then, the festival has been an integral part of the Kufstein event calendar and has become a tradition for the local population. The day festival inspires visitors every year with a variety of line-ups, consisting of popular bands as well as newcomers. Guests are invited to enjoy drinks and food during the festival. The event, which this year was certified as a Green Event Tirol, involved cooperation with the neighboring restaurants and included vegetarian and vegan delicacies. With the implementation of the festival, the practical project group was able to inspire the jury and received the award for the Green Event Tirol. Director of Studies, Asc. Prof. (FH) Mag. Monika Kohlhofer was delighted to receive the award on site: "I am always very happy when the engagement and sustained commitment of our students are rewarded with an award from Green Events Tirol. We benefit very much from the network of the initiative and the association, and we are grateful to be part of this network."

About Green Events Tirol

Green Events Tyrol is considered to be groundbreaking throughout Austria. Thanks to a three-stage award model, the transition to and implementation of a sustainable organization is easy for organizers to master. Criteria such as regional and meat-reduced meals, avoidance of waste through reusable dishes, or the possibility of an environmentally friendly journey to the event are considered in the evaluation. For the second stage as a Green Event Tirol, social criteria such as accessibility and the areas of energy and water are taken into account. Events that stand out in particular have the chance to be awarded the Green Event Star.