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Gernot Burtscher - Student European Energy Business study year 2012

What expectations did you have when starting in the European Energy Business program at FH Kufstein Tirol?

The training I had before coming to the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences was very focused on engineering. Through my European Energy Business degree, I was able to gain insights into energy markets and their economic processes.

Are the program requirements and the individual support students receive in balance?

The program provides you with, in my opinion, very good course content and excellent lecturers, which help to develop students’ knowledge. A lot is asked of the students doing a part-time program in terms of different tasks and projects. But, through the given tasks, they can gain a lot of experience and learn to work independently.

Did you feel that the personal relationship between students and lecturers supports the learning process throughout the semester?

Our year group consisted of a really great and motivated team of young people. The contact to lecturers and to the Director of Studies was exceptional and whenever students had needs, constructive solutions were found.

What losses might one have to accept to succeed in a part-time Master's degree program?

The program was characterized by a very good skill and knowledge level, which demanded a lot from students. When it comes to free time and spending time with family, losses might have to be accepted.

Does your current job meet your expectations?

Because we cater for wholesale customers, working in the field of energy efficiency and alternative energy, I can apply what I have learned in terms of energy business, well

Would you recommend the European Energy Business program to other people?

The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences' program is very much worth recommending, as the content is interesting and partly even taught by external lecturers with an industry background.