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Katharina Gierer, MA, Alumni study year, IT-Spezialist Build Management, BMW AG

BMW AG, München

Why have you chosen the Master's program ERP Systems & Business Process Management Master's program? What made it special for you?

My Bachelor's degree focused solely on software engineering but, while studying, I also gained SAP experience so I wanted to expand on that knowledge. That is why I searched for ERP degree programs specifically and found the Master's program in Kufstein. Another special factor was the Master's was offered as a part-time program. For me, that was important, as I was already working as an SAP consultant. What also influenced my decision was that in Kufstein, you learn business processes in combination with various ERP systems. Additionally, I liked the English lecturers, which I used to improve my English even further.


How easy is it to reconcile working, studying and having a life?

As I was working for my customers from Mondays to Thursdays, I could always take part in the lectures on Fridays and Saturdays. My life outside work and university did suffer, though, as I was left with only Sundays, and not even that when there were exams. Sometimes the exams fell in a time period where I was really busy at work as well, which pushed the Master's program into the background. Despite all this, I completed the program as best as I could. So, it is possible to combine these three components well, if you really want it.


What job opportunities opened up to you through studying here?

For me, getting this degree allowed me to get a job at BMW. Through the acquired knowledge, especially on company internal business processes, I was able to score well in the job interview, and the fact that I did a part-time Master’s program contributed to the outcome. It showed how much pressure I am able to work under and that I can work in a well-structured way. So, for me doing the Master's program definitely paid off when it came to my career.


What is your general impression of the degree program and the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences?

It is a small and friendly university where you can talk to the lecturers any time. However, compulsory attendance takes some getting used to, after doing a Bachelor's degree program in Rosenheim. What I found very positive was the international orientation, as this is hardly experienced in larger universities. I also gained lots of experience through my stay in Dublin. All of this is why I am glad to have chosen this Master's program, and that it opened many doors regarding future career prospects.