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Michael Mittermaier, MA, Alumni study year 2012

Consultant, Sopra Steria Consulting, München

Why did you choose the ERP Systems & Business Process Management Master's program? What made it special for you?

After doing the Business Information Systems Bachelor's degree, I wanted to consolidate the professional direction I was going in, through a Master's degree. The focus in the ERP Systems & Business Process Management Master's program allows you to act as an interface between various departments such as logistics or QM and IT, which is what made me decide on this Master's program.


How easy is it to reconcile working, studying and having a life?

Studying and working was easy for me to arrange as I was working as a student employee. A full-time job and family definitely makes it harder but with good personal time management, it is possible. A few fellow students did it and still succeeded with their degree.


What job opportunities opened up to you through studying here?

In particular, the combination of economics and IT, the understanding of processes in various departments and the ability to communicate different viewpoints allows you to take on desired positions in the private sector. On top of that, the Master's degree provides you with a foundation for leadership tasks, both personally and professionally


What is your general impression of the degree program and the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences?

Throughout the whole program, you always feel well looked after by the lecturers and other members of staff of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. Whenever problems or difficulties arose, people always tried to help, and together, find a satisfactory solution. Everyone involved was very competent. What impressed me most was the family-like bond between lecturers and students. Unlike large universities, in Kufstein you were not just a number but people took the time and patience – fortunately repeatedly – to explain answers to questions.