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Philipp Epple

Student, study year 2012

What in particular did you like about your Industrial Engineering & Management degree program at the FH Kufstein Tirol?

Particularly positive is the high level of practical relevance of our degree program. It allows you to practically apply the acquired theoretical knowledge straight away. On top of that, I really appreciate the campus' warm but also modern atmosphere and the work in small groups.

How did the personal relationship between students and lecturers influence your experience of the degree program?

Because the atmosphere allows for very intense teaching, the relationship to the lecturers was and still is positive. That had a definite positive impact on my performance as it enables lecturers to pay attention to individual's needs.

What did you think about the practical parts of the degree program (projects within companies, bachelor´s thesis, excursions, external lecturers)?

The interdisciplinary courses provide an insight into workplaces. Worth mentioning are in this context excursions to, sometimes unusual, companies. Also, the projects with companies gave an insight into the work environment. Through the external lecturers’ practical experience, we could always learn about the newest technologies used in the industry and could even try them out in companies.

Which specialization did you choose for your degree?

I chose process technology as my specialization.

Where did you go for the compulsory semester abroad?

I spent my semester abroad in Italy at the Università degli studi di Bergamo doing the Master's degree program Management Engineering.

What could you take home from your semester abroad?

The semester abroad was definitely the highlight of the degree program for all of us. While sometimes the courses we took were a little bit different than we might have expected, they were a lot of fun. I also gained new insights into teaching at university level that taught me something in addition to what I learned in the courses. Meeting many different exchange students from different cultures was an experience everybody should have when studying.

Would you recommend the Industrial Engineering & Management degree program to other people?

Because of its practical orientation, the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences' program is ideal to prepare for requirements of one's future workplace. Anybody wishing for a well-structured campus equipped with cutting-edge technology and lecturers teaching a manageable number of students has found the right program here.

What do you do currently in your job? Which company do you work for?

I am at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. in Italy working in the Quality Analysis Department, where I do internal and external test drives of pilot production vehicles.