Thomas Watzl

Graduate year 2008

  • Why did you decide to attend the part-time, bachelor degree program International Business Studies? What makes it such a special program in your eyes?
    Before I decided to continue my education, I’d already worked for many years. When I looked through the curriculum of the program International Business Studies, I saw that it basically matched my understanding of what an applied sciences degree in economics and business administration should give you. And I saw that this program would give me many possibilities for advancing my career in several directions.
  • Which courses have you attended so far and what have you learned in or through them?
    So far I have attended courses in all of the main focuses of the curriculum. I’ve gotten the most out of the courses in the areas of economics, statistics, and marketing. Here I have not only expanded my knowledge of theoretical concepts, but I have been able to use this knowledge in my profession.
  • Have you already worked on any projects at the FH Kufstein? What did the projects deal with? How did you contribute to the projects?
    Due to a lack of time I have not yet committed myself to any projects at the FH Kufstein.
  • In your opinion, to what extent is it possible to combine one’s studies, job, and private life?
    Combining a course of studies, a job, and a private life is only possible when all the people around you support your decision to study. So, for one, it’s essential to get approval from and make the necessary arrangements with your employer. And then it is also so important to fix a schedule with your partner or your family so they are clear about your availability and that you don’t run the risk of neglecting them. I think that’s the only way to achieve a work-study-life balance and to succeed at earning a degree.
  • What career prospects do you have as a result of your studies?
    Before commencing my studies in the program International Business Studies, I knew that a bachelor degree would improve my chances of developing a fulfilling career. I was hoping that after graduation I would land a job in management – my expectations in this regard were already exceeded while I was still studying! That is to say, I was promoted to a leading position in the company where I work, which was due not in the least to the fact that I was working towards a degree in management.