Die Studierenden lauschten bei ihrer Exkursion ins Große Festspielhaus in Salzburg nicht nur den Wiener Symphonikern, sondern erfuhren auch Spannendes aus dem Kulturbetrieb.
FH Kufstein Tirol

Excursion to the Großes Festspielhaus in Salzburg

16.02.2024 | Excursions
Students of Sports, Culture & Event Management attended a concert by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and were given the opportunity to see theoretical principles in practice.

As part of the Cultural Management III course, the second-year Bachelor's students of the Sports, Culture & Event Management degree program went on an exciting excursion to Salzburg in January 2024. The occasion was a concert by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra at the Großes Festspielhaus. The excursion offered a unique opportunity to see the theoretical foundations developed in the lecture – from the analysis of cultural offerings and aesthetic norms to cultural mediation and audience development – in practice.

Challenges for cultural institutions 

According to course director Michael Sowa, many cultural institutions are currently facing the challenge of attracting a younger audience to classical music and concerts. Initiatives in the area of educational work and audience development, the development of innovative concert formats, and contemporary marketing, all of which incorporate digital possibilities, are essential for this.

After the Salzburg Festival, the Salzburg Cultural Association is the largest organizer of classical concerts in Salzburg and organizes more than 24 orchestral concerts with leading symphony orchestras, conductors, and soloists every year. It thus acts as a basic musical provider for the local population and the surrounding catchment area. During the excursion, the students gained an in-depth insight into the diverse educational activities of the cultural association. Programs such as the Kaleidoscope, U27 tickets, and special concerts for schoolchildren and apprentices promote the exchange between musicians and the audience and are intended to introduce young people, in particular, to classical music.

A bridge between innovation and tradition

After an impressive tour of the festival halls, including a tour of the stage, the students attended an introductory lecture by Gottfried Franz Kasparek, which prepared them perfectly for the concert evening. A highlight of the excursion was a meeting with Jan Nast, Managing Director and Artistic Director of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, who gave an insight into the orchestra's music education programs. These form a bridge between tradition and innovation and invite the audience to explore new musical paths together. The director's credo is: "Participation in art and culture is a fundamental right of every human being. We want orchestral music to be experienced directly by everyone, and we strive to make a difference with our music and create unforgettable musical events together with our audience." The concert by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Marie Jacquot was a lasting and impressive experience for the students.

This excursion offered the students valuable insights into practice. The experience and commitment of institutions such as the Salzburg Cultural Association and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra illustrated how cultural offerings can be successfully communicated to different target groups. The initiative of course leader Michael Sowa to supplement the theoretical content of cultural management with this practical experience gave the students lasting impressions and learning experiences.