Industrial Engineering & Management FT

Industrial Engineering & Management FT

Bachelor's degree program

Profile of the Program

This innovative degree program offers students a sound technical education coupled with economic know-how and practical experience. The focus of attention is on the product, which is studied and analyzed in all its process phases, from prototype to end product, and out of different perspectives, from materials management to transport logistics to after-sales management. Experienced lecturers and practitioners work together with students on concepts such as systems thinking and cost-efficiency as well as on the many challenges brought about by rapid technological developments in an international environment.


  • offers a solid technical education coupled with economic know-how
  •  experienced lecturers and practitioners support students in developing systemic and economic thinking
  • students without previous technical training are offered a sound education in machine construction, electrotechnology, construction technology, etc.

Vocational fields

  • Product management and development
  • Production planning, controlling & logistics
  • Information management & IT support
  • Product marketing
  • Environmental and energy technology
  • Materials management & purchasing
  • Technical building services
  • Business consulting

Program focuses

  • 44% engineering sciences
  • 16% international competencies
  • 13% compulsory electives
  • 11% economics & management
  • 10% social competencies
  • 6% knowledge application

Technical education oriented towards future demands

New students without prior technical schooling begin the program by acquiring a solid knowledge base in machine construction, electrotechnology, construction technology and the engineering sciences. 

In the third semester students choose one of three future-oriented specializations. Students who opt for the subject area of technical building services learn about developing sustainable facilities. Students who go in for energy technology acquire knowledge about renewable and decentralized energy systems as well as power plant technology. In the third specialization, process technology, students focus on the digital process chain, which includes everything from the virtual prototype to product data management.

Practical and international relevance
Students at the FH Kufstein gain practical insights into their future professions by means of integrated case studies done in cooperation with regional companies as well as a supervised internship during one semester. Over and above solid expert qualifications, the industrial engineers of tomorrow will need to have a certain level of mobility, flexibility, and open-mindedness to new ideas. In this regard, the semester abroad gives students an excellent opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Students study abroad at one of the partner universities of the FH Kufstein during their 5th semester (i.e., in their 3rd year) of study. With an internationally recognized, accredited engineering diploma in their hands, graduates of this degree program stand excellent chances of finding the perfect job or getting into the technical master’s program of their choice.



6 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Bachelor of Sciences (BSc.)

Language of instruction

German, at least 20% English

Semester abroad

Organized stay abroad, 5th semester


€ 363.36 + € 19,20 student union fee per semester

Organisational form


Places per year


Level of qualification:
first cycle, bachelor

Admission requirements:
view this link.