Die Studierenden blicken positiv auf die digitale International Week zurück.
FH Kufstein Tirol
Students leave virtual International Week with a positive impression.

Interaction without Borders

15.02.2021 | International
This year’s International Week took students of the Marketing & Communication Management bachelor’s program on a virtual tour of European companies.

The current global situation presented the students with challenges when it came to the implementation of this year’s International Week. This is why, as early as the beginning of the winter semester 2020/21, the student group decided to go on a virtual trip.


The organizing committee of the part-time bachelor’s degree program in Marketing & Communication Management approached the implementation of the trip with tremendous motivation and a willingness to innovate. In doing so, the current crisis and the resulting changes were incorporated by design. As the global pandemic has significantly restricted travel, the organizing committee saw this as an opportunity to come up with an innovative, virtual concept. The result was an exciting week-long program with international contributions from start-ups to global corporations, complemented by events such as virtual wine tastings and yoga classes. The result was a virtual tour of Europe that appealed to all the senses.


The one-week trip started on Monday, February 1, 2021 with virtual boarding. The first destination was comprised of innovative and sustainable Austrian start-ups. The middle of the week was dedicated to changes in the media landscape and, among other things, students closely followed the articles of the Financial Times. The raised the question as to who would be the winners of this current coronavirus crisis. It became clear that radio is certainly not a loser, since radio news listenership is again on the rise as a result of more people working from home. Finally, concluding contributions from influential players such as Adobe, Verbund, or the science editorial department of ORF provided students with authentic insights into the world of work.

The virtual study trip presented the group of students with challenges, but also offered plenty of opportunities. “Just because plans have to be changed doesn’t mean the result has to be worse. Rather, changes offer a chance to get creative,” students unanimously agreed at the end of their virtual study trip.