Young Scientist Energy Award 2019
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Young Scientist Energy Award 2019

In the academic year 2018/2019, the study program Energy Management at FH Kufstein Tirol is tendering the Young Scientist Energy Award (YSEA) for pre-academic papers and seminar theses at secondary schools. The topics should focus on energy, sustainability and the environment.

Pre-academic papers/Seminar theses that were completed and submitted in the academic year 2018/2019 can be emailed to FH Kufstein Tirol ( by 05/06/2019, subject line "YSEA".

The prize money in the amount of EUR 250 is awarded in the following three categories:

  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Ecology

Young Scientist Energy Award 2018

The prize is awarded to Katja Stockinger who wrote an excellent thesis within the context of the science seminar “Energy Management in Lower Bavaria”. In her seminar thesis “Planned Pumped Storage Power Plant in Riedl”, Katja Stockinger critically evaluated many aspects of this topic. Stockinger demonstrated an excellent basic knowledge of energy management correlations. She portrayed the specific aspects of the Pumped Storage Power Plant Riedl project and correlated these to the statements of relevant advocacy groups and a study of the University of Passau. She then independently developed her own point of view and substantiated it through sources.

„This year, the Young Scientist Award will be given to an author who combined and evaluated technical, ecological and economic aspects,” as Prof. (UAS) Dr. Wolfgang Woyke, director of studies Energy Management stated with delight.


FH Kufstein Tirol is now tendering an additional prize specifically for practice-oriented institutions of higher education

Elisabeth Kuster is the winner of the Special Young Scientist Energy Award 2018 as she impressed the panel with her thesis “Heating Technology, Fundamentals and Planning of a Local Heating Plant”. The thesis distinguishes itself by encompassing all project development steps and substantiating these through scientific methods. A specific plant example is used as the basis in order to ensure intensive practical relevance. The thesis is carefully and comprehensibly documented.

„The competition points to the significance of energy management. Energy management is relevant for technology, industry and also for social-political matters. We are always excited to find out what the students have come up with,” said Managing Director of FH Kufstein Prof. (UAS) Dr. Thomas Madritsch.

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Young Scientist Energy Award 2017

The winner of the Young Scientist Energy Award 2017 was Matthias Maier! His VWA "Wasserstoff als zukünftiges Energiespeichermedium" was written at AHS Bruck an der Mur

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