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Occupational profile of graduates

Graduates of the master study program Smart Products & Solutions are generalists within the sense of industry engineering studies with a broad range of possible occupational fields.

The essential characteristics of occupational activity fields consist in working at the interface of technology/industry/management where graduates can apply their skills. These skills can be used to the same extent in freelance activities as well as within a corporate structure at the middle and upper management level.

Employees and executives are especially in demand in the core sectors of machinery and plant engineering, device manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, the energy sector, logistics, transport and business consultancy.

A few typical and exemplary positions are stated in the following:


Technical project management is a functional description that can be applicable to executive functions in all technical areas.Project managers have extensive decision-making competence in their respective task fields. 

Understanding and evaluating technology, architectures and business models within the context of the company as e.g. company and product strategy, positioning, market and competition dynamics, etc. is especially important within the framework of innovation and technology management.

Product management is a versatile task and especially requires, in addition to market and customer understanding, an understanding of underlying circumstances, which makes it possible to align “technical feasibility” with the “customer’s desires”.

The tasks of digital transformation managers are varied and merely in the configuration phase due to the short time period in which they have established themselves within companies. It can be generally stated that the responsible parties take on a transformational role; i.e. they are responsible for the digital scope of the business. At the same time, they also have the task of further developing the company organizationally with respect to digitization requirements.

Technically oriented consultants (technical consultants) especially advise industry and commercial companies with respect to technical innovations, deployment possibilities and the advantages of specific technical solutions. They develop technical concepts for their customers and supervise their implementation.