Der Geschäftsführer und drei Mitarbeitende von EBS Smart Solutions Software GmbH berichten worauf es bei einer IT-Ausbildung ankommt und geben Einblick in ihren Arbeitsalltag.
The managing director and three employees of EBS Smart Solutions Software GmbH report on what is important in IT training and provide an insight into their everyday work.

Holistic training in the IT area

25.08.2021 | General
The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol provides practical and personal training for IT specialists in technical degree programs. Three alumni from the FH Kufstein Tirol are already working at EBS Smart Solutions Software GmbH.

The connection between the university and the software company began with Anna-Maria Mair, BSc, the first employee graduate of the bachelor's degree in Web Business & Technology (WEB). She was followed by Hannes Wilhelmer, MSc, and Martin Islitzer, BSc, both also graduates of the same degree program. In the past winter semester, WEB students were able to support the company with their expertise as part of a large funding project.

Praxis-focused study and work

"The points of contact with the FH Kufstein Tirol, in addition to the three alumni, are due to the joint funding project. We implement this with the FH Kufstein Tirol and the MICADO AUTOMATION GmbH. So far, the WEB students have supported us with usability test exams of IoT applications. The organization and implementation were very professional; overall, it was an interesting outcome of the entire project and great feedback for our product," reports DI (FH) Michael Schneeberger, managing director of EBS.

"The high practical relevance and the family relationship were the main reasons for me to study at the FH Kufstein Tirol. For our career field, it is important to build up a broad basic knowledge during the training and develop the skills to adapt quickly to new technologies," recommends Hannes Wilhelmer, MSc, head of Web & App Technologies. He first completed his bachelor's degree and then graduated from the part-time program of the master's degree in Web Communication & Information Systems at the FH Kufstein Tirol.

Knowledge of the fundamentals and social skills

Anna-Maria Mair, BSc, was able to continue her professional career at EBS immediately after the internship and has been supporting the company since 2013. Managing Director DI (FH) Michael Schneeberger remembers: "Anna's know-how already convinced us so much during the internship that we offered her a permanent position straight away. You can easily see that the training is top-notch and also very applied." "I continue to like my work very much. My job is quite varied, and that makes it very special. Every day, there are new requirements and problems that need to be solved," adds Anna-Maria Mair, BSc, head of Customer Support.

"As an IT specialist, a holistic view of the various processes is very important. The customer's perspective and meaningfulness also play a very large and important role in the project. The University of Applied Sciences not only trains students to become technical specialists but also imparts the necessary social skills. Here you receive holistic training in the IT sector," says Martin Islitzer, BSc, software developer. Islitzer also studied WEB and will complete the part-time master's degree in Data Science & Intelligent Analytics in the course of the summer semester 2021.

International software company with family roots

EBS Smart Solutions Software GmbH was founded in 1985 by the father of the current managing director and has been run as a GmbH since 2004. DI (FH) Michael Schneeberger has evolved the family business into a globally active company with (inter)national customers from all industries such as, for example, the Austrian Lotteries. The focus has always been on database applications.  Since 2004, the web area has been added as a second business area and data engineering as a third area. The company based in Lienz currently employs 17 staff members. "We really appreciate the training at the FH Kufstein Tirol and look forward to applications from Kufstein. Our company is characterized above all by the fact that we have highly trained specialists who work together as a team," adds DI (FH) Michael Schneeberger.