Lighthouse Project Digitalization.Tourism

Digitalization concept/strategy for the development of regional employer brands

The project aims to establish the Achensee region as an attractive place to work and use innovative digital solutions to create a regional employer brand. In the long term, this concept should serve as a model for other tourism regions and industries and be flexibly expandable.

Initial situation and project description

The tourism and leisure industry is facing significant challenges in the area of strategic HR management. The industry is struggling with a lack of qualified and committed staff and high turnover rates and is witnessing skilled workers migrating to other industries. Traditional methods of HR management are no longer sufficient, so a strategic approach is needed. The ongoing digitalization and the change in communication channels underline the importance of a strong employer brand. Tyrol, whose tourism industry is mainly characterized by family businesses and faces, faces a lack of strategically oriented HR management and expertise. The demands of young employees, especially generations Y and Z, have changed. They are looking for flexibility, clarity, and a good work-life balance. The image of the tourism industry as an employer has suffered, making it even more difficult to attract new talent. In addition, there is an increasing demand for skilled workers due to growing numbers of guests, with many positions being filled by foreign workers. Against this backdrop, our planned lighthouse project aims to increase the industry's attractiveness through close cooperation between regional institutions and companies, develop innovative recruiting strategies, and position the destination of Tyrol as an attractive workplace.

Project goal

Our project idea pursues the ambitious goal of establishing Lake Achensee as an attractive working environment for skilled workers using innovative digital solutions. The lighthouse project integrates Achensee Tourism as a pilot region and expands the "Job-Life Achensee" internet platform. Specialized technologies will support companies in the pilot region in increasing their attractiveness as employers and highlighting the appeal of Lake Achensee as a place to work and live. This sets our initiative apart from traditional job portals and offers a new type of digital interface between employers and potential employees. The main objectives are to position Lake Achensee as a uniform, attractive employer region, create a digital marketplace for job offers, and strengthen companies to ensure their continued existence and competitiveness. In the long term, this solution should serve as a model for other tourism regions and sectors and be able to be expanded.

Intended results of the project

In our innovative digitalization concept, we focus on building a regional employer brand. The focus here is on integrating the attractiveness of a region, with the tourism association playing a central role. By presenting regional advantages in the form of videos and multimedia content, we create an emotional connection for potential applicants. Companies in the region can complete the templates provided with their own content, creating a uniform and striking image of the region as an employer. Thanks to modern recruiting tools and a low-threshold process, applicants are efficiently connected with companies. This approach not only strengthens the regional employer brand but also creates a sustainable and scalable solution that can be used in various industries and regions. In addition, a catalog of measures and the development of software tools ensure that new content is constantly available and can be disseminated to the outside world.


The work packages of the project include:

  • Project management
  • Development of a marketing and HR concept
  • Software development
  • Pilot phase and analysis
  • Training and support
  • Dissemination and communication




Project Manager

Prof. (FH) DDr. Mario Situm, MBA
Director of Studies Bachelor Business Management, Master Corporate Restructuring, Master Corporate Transformation Management


Prof. (FH) Dr. Alexandra Brunner-Sperdin
Vice Director of Studies Bachelor Marketing & Communication Management, Master Digital Marketing
Emily Nicola Kirchlechner, MA
Projektmitarbeiterin mit Schwerpunkt Projektleitung