Food arrangement in a restaurant kitchen

Lighthouse Project Esstisch.Tirol (Dinner Table Tirol)

Helping the hospitality industry keep up with changing dietary preferences

Changing dietary needs and preferences require an adaptation of businesses in the hospitality industry, which have to offer professional development opportunities to their staff and need to ensure they clearly communicate with their customers about their menus.

More than ever, companies today are faced with the challenge of constantly preparing their employees for a changing work environment. Customers are faced with the challenge of finding their way in a permanently changing sphere of activity. This applies in particular to Tyrol’s tourism industry and food service businesses, where trends are changing fast, in particular when it comes to the nutritional needs and dietary preferences of their customers.

To take account of this change, food service businesses need to adapt.

  • Employees must be offered training to allow them to cater to these changing trends.
  • Customers need to be adequately informed about the offers available.

However, currently both these areas are often beset with problems. The project (Dinner Table Tyrol) attempts to address these issues by means of digitization, helping Tyrolean hospitality businesses to meet these new challenges.

Professional development for workers in tourism and food services to cope with changing dietary preferences

Through a newly implemented e-learning strategy, food service businesses will be supported in the continuous professional development of their staff. To this end, an independent and open-source e-learning platform will be established, which will then be filled with newly developed content. Concurrently, a digital map of competencies will be developed which will enable food service businesses to visually present their offers to consumers. This map will rely on a data structure that is open and can be adapted to new trends and developments. Furthermore, a visualization solution is provided that enables consumers to interact with this data.

Project Partners


Project Manager

Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Kohlegger
FH Vice Rector, Director of Studies Bachelor Web Business & Technology/Coding & Digital Design, Master Data Science & Intelligent Analytics, Master Web Communication & Information Systems/Web Engineering & IT Solutions