The core tasks of universities: research, teaching, and the dissemination of knowledge

Third Mission Possible! The Knowledge Transfer Center West (Wissenstransferzentrum West, WTZ West), a network of eleven universities in western Austria, is responsible for making available academic knowledge and research results to the wider public. How this transfer of knowledge can be professionalized and who should be responsible for it are some of the challenging questions tackled in the project.

The Knowledge Transfer Center West has set itself the goal of sustainably intensifying and professionalizing knowledge transfer through joint actions and measures, developing untapped resources, deepening and expanding cooperation with businesses, but also with society as a whole, pursuing transdisciplinary and innovative approaches, and using possible synergies to achieve these goals.

Networking will mainly take place in Cooperation Project (KV) 1 (“Communications Hub West”), which will also implement activities in the field of further education and professionalization of knowledge transfer, particularly in the field of science communication. Other focal points of the planned WTZ West are strengthening and expanding knowledge transfer between academia and the business world (KV2 “Cooperations with Business and Industry”), innovations in the area of knowledge and technology transfer (KV3 “New Pathways in Knowledge and Technology Transfer”), and knowledge and technology transfer in the context of artistic-scientific research (KV4 “Power Plant | Generator”).

The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol is involved in the project particularly in the field of knowledge transfer from research institutions into practical applications by means of connected learning and the creation of a regional network. This should make it possible to make tangible and teach new technologies. To this end, workshops will be held on the topics of digitization, Industry 4.0, smart factories, and new mobility.




Project Manager

Prof. (FH) PD Dr. Mario Döller

WTZ West