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Business Projects

Business projects are incorporated into the curriculum of the Study Programs Sports, Culture, & Events Management and constitute an important and practical core element of this education. Through this connection students are able to apply their acquired competences and design, plan, and organize sports or cultural events or compile studies and analysis - each lectured and coached by competent experts. Next to the business projects where the students implement their own ideas, the network of the Study Program Sports, Culture, & Events Management of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein to international organizations in the fields of sports, culture, and event becomes very important. Therefore students also put projects into practice in cooperation with Austrian and international business partners of research and business.

Der Natur auf der Spur (Wintersemester 2020/21)

Pop-up Altstadtkonzerte


Der Natur auf der Spur 2020

Weinevent Gustami

Lektor Selektor Aftermovie

eCup Tirol


Aftermovie Indie Sunset 2019

Kino am See 2019

Movement Days 2019

Out of the box 2019

SoundBude 2019

CharitySläsh Banked Slalom Kühtai 2018

Game of Brains Aftermovie

Slopestyle Circus Aftermovie 2017