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Tandem Study Program & Job


Study program and permanent job in tandem: The part-time study programs Facility & Real Estate Management (bachelor and master) as well as Energy & Sustainability Management (master) cooperate with leading companies from their branches of the economy.

This makes an education and entering a job or further professional development and an academic study program go hand-in-hand. The goal is to complete vocational training and at the same time to successfully complete a study program.

Advantages for students

Collaboration between companies and study programs provides advantages for students hired at a company:

  • Credits for knowledge already obtained in a professional environment
  • Bachelor & master thesis with expertise from a company
  • Questions from a professional context can be integrated into the course modules and discussed using the technical expertise of the teachers
  • Monthly salary during the study program

Advantages for companies

Collaboration gives advantages to companies:

  • Academic qualification and further development of members of staff
  • Company-specific topics are handled in bachelor & master theses

Classroom & online

In the participating study programs, at least 30% of the course content is learned by self-study. Prescribed texts, explanatory videos, and exercises help students with content preparation as well as with studying the content after class. Students are in contact with each other via forums, and teachers help them with their questions. These self-learning units alternate with in-class time in a lecture room.

It is not always possible to come to Kufstein for course modules even if on-site participation, direct interaction with teachers, a sense of togetherness in the class, and networking are best. Very important work-related appointments, personal appointments that cannot be postponed, or a long distance prevent students from being on site every time.

That is why every important course module is streamed live from the lecture room. Students remotely follow the content at the same time. This enables us to have optimum learning success.


The prerequisite for the tandem study program & job is successful enrollment in a study program that is independent of acceptance by a company.

The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol in turn has no influence on the contractual relationships between companies and members of staff. Companies offer their student members of staff a wide variety of help programs.

Please contact companies directly for all information.


Is your company interested in cooperating with us? The director of studies would be glad to help you.

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