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Communication Theory

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The students understand the structure of communicative processes and can also look at them analytically. In addition to psychological, interpersonal models, the focus is on mass media communication processes. The preparation of the theories and models aims at transfer, analysis and application competence and generally at a better understanding of the often automated communication processes.

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

The comprehensive field of communication is tackled in the course Communication Theory and prepared as a foundation for further studies. In addition to definitions of terms, the following are also used in particular
•Communication models (e.g. stimulus response, Maletzke, Lasswell formula), communication square, etc.)
•Communication theories (e.g. agenda setting, gatekeeper, news factors, spiral of silence, etc.)
•The book deals with the effects of communication and the ways of thinking of Luh-mann, Habermas and Watzlawick.
The theoretical preparation and subsequent exercises ensure an understanding of communication in practice.

recommended or required reading

•Merten, K. (1999). Einführung in die Kommunikationswissenschaft. Band 1: Grundlagen der Kommunikationswissenschaft. Münster: Lit Verlag.
•Burkart, R. (2019). Kommunikationswissenschaft. 5. Auflage, Wien, Köln, Weimar: Böhlau UTB.
•Bonfadelli, H., Jarren, O., and Siegert, G. (Hrsg.). (2010). Einführung in die Publizistikwissenschaft. Stuttgart: Haupt UTB.
•Burkart, R., and Hömberg, W. (2015). Kommunikationstheorien: Ein Textbuch zur Einführung. 8. Auflage. Wien: new academic press.

assessment methods and criteria

Written exam, online tests

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Lecture, group work, case studies, discussions, e-learning

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Prof. (FH) Dr. Peter Schneckenleitner

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