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Omnichannel Marketing Communication

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The students are able to independently create and operationalize integrated marketing concepts. They master the methods of marketing management in detail, know the advantages and disadvantages of the various communication channels (including online and e-marketing), can innovatively combine the various media and master the ability to implement the marketing methods and communication channels learned so far in the form of 360º communication. The knowledge acquired so far about the significance, usability and costs of communication channels is made applicable.

prerequisites and co-requisites

English version will be available soon

course contents

Based on the contents of the previous semesters, which dealt with both classical and new media and communication channels of internal and external corporate communication and the underlying marketing strategies, in this course the students learn the integrative combination of the different communication measures (thus also the interweaving of monological and dialogical) in theory and through case studies.
Whereas the focus in the course Advertising and Media Planning was on classical media, the more complex dialogical media are in the foreground here.

recommended or required reading

•Palmatier, R. W., Sividas, E., Stern, L. W., and El-Ansary, A. I. (2019). Marketing Channel Strategy: An Omni-channel Approach, London: Routledge Verlag.
•Bruhn, M. (2018). Kommunikationspolitik: Systematischer Einsatz der Kommunikation für Unternehmen, München: Vahlen Verlag.
•Meffert, H., Burmann, Ch., Kirchberg, M., and Eisenzeit, M. (2018). Marketing: Grundlagen marktorientierter Unternehmensführung Konzepte – Instrumente – Praxisbeispiele, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.

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Case study, project work, exam

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Dr. Markus Holzweber

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integrated lecture

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