Innovation Program Digital Tourism Expert

Boosting the digital competence of businesses in the tourism industry

This program provides targeted training for IT managers in the Austrian tourism industry in order to support rapid professionalization in the digitization of the industry.

The course aims to increase digital competence in the tourism industry. The target group is IT managers in relevant companies. These include tour operators, the hospitality industry, and tourism consultancies. In addition, tourism associations and state tourism organizations will be approached with the offer to train their IT managers.

The content of this continuing education program is based on current research initiatives at the participating universities and universities of applied sciences and covers the following issues:

  • Semantic technologies on the web
  • Usability of assistance systems
  • Consumer behavior in the booking process
  • Big data management
  • Cyber security strategies

Currently, 15 modules are being offered, each comprising two to four teaching days. To align with industry-specific requirements, these teaching days are scheduled during the off-season and/or during off-peak times of the working week. Researchers from (currently) eight universities and universities of applied sciences are involved as instructors. In some subject areas, participants can choose between modules offered at both the beginners’ and advanced levels. Thus, more experienced staff members can, if desired, enter these modules directly at the advanced level. In sum, the program is designed to facilitate an increased level of professionalization of e-tourism in Austria.

Project Partners



Project Manager

Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Kohlegger
FH Vice Rector, Director of Studies Bachelor Web Business & Technology/Coding & Digital Design, Master Data Science & Intelligent Analytics, Master Web Communication & Information Systems/Web Engineering & IT Solutions