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Selected Topics Social Competences & Presentation

level of course unit

Introduction and consolidation

Learning outcomes of course unit

The students are able to:
• Present basic concepts of communicative processes and consciously use content and relationship aspects of human communication.
• Understand motivation and assessment of people in a professional context
• Reflect a meaningful design of work and leisure time (work-life balance)
• Facilitate communicative processes within the team and identify and analyze problems in team communication and develop solution strategies.
• Prepare and conduct presentations and use the techniques and media required for them in a targeted manner
• Create simple 3D visualizations
• Create short videos to visualize ideas and concepts with simple tools

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

• Basic components of communicative processes, message and meaning as well as content and relationship aspects of human communication
• Language, gestures, facial expressions, posture
• Possibilities of communication for assessment and motivation
• Communication in a team
• Communication problems and conflict solutions
• Goals and target group as well as structure, content and form of a presentation
• Selection and application of different presentation techniques and media
• Challenges of dislocated presentations
• Goals and target group as well as content and form of 3D visualizations
• Selection and application of tools for the creation of 3D visualizations
• Objectives and target group as well as structure, content and form of short videos
• Selection and application of simple techniques and tools for video creation

recommended or required reading

• Rosenberg, M., 2012. Gewaltfreie Kommunikation. Paderborn: Junfermann
• Becker, H. und A. Hugo-Becker, 1992. Psychologisches Konfliktmanagement. München: Beck.
• Oboth, M., 2008. Mediation in Teams und Gruppen. Paderborn: Junfermann

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