SINA’s Digital Platform

13.05.2018 | Praxisprojekte
Four students of the master program worked on a communication strategy to increase visibility of the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), a project created by the NGO Jangu e.V. in 2013.

Mafalda Sandrini und der Jahrgang SKVM.vzM.17, Sommersemester 2018
Kooperationspartner: SINA – Social Innovation Academy Uganda, Jangu e.V., Berlin

The project idea is to help the marginalized youth in Uganda through an empowering approach to become social entrepreneurs. The task for the student was to create a communication strategy to help SINA’s social entrepreneurs to raise visibility. However, the students decided not to apply a usual marketing campaign, but to develop a concept of a new digital platform to be integrated in the existing website. This platform with many interactive elements should generate more traffic on the website and promote innovation of SINA’s entrepreneurs and projects.