UCI 2018 Road World Championships – Event & Promotion Management

30.07.2018 | Praxisprojekte
Five students have been engaged in the Event & Promotion Management to assist the Innsbruck-Tirol Rad WM 2018 GmbH by promoting the UCI Road World Championships 2018.

Benedikt Wallner und der Jahrgang SKVM.vzM.17, Sommersemester 2018
Kooperationspartner: Innsbruck-Tirol Rad WM 2018 GmbH

The students' core task was to sensitize the Tyrolese population for the upcoming event by developing a promotion concept. In consultation with the Marketing & Communication department the students organized an information booth to be implemented at several local events ahead of the World Championships. Like this, the team had the opportunity to come in contact with the locals and made them aware of the upcoming major event in their home region. "Helmi", the official mascot of the Championships, was around the booth and, especially for the kids, he was a great attraction.