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eKANBAN - Expert Training


This training is about transforming paper Kanban into digital processes and its benefits and challenges.
At the beginning of this 1-day training and experience session, attendees learn about the power of a pull-system. Based on the process of the learning factory LEAN Lab, a push-system is transformed into a pull-system and benefits are worked out.
In the following it will be shown, how the paper based Kanban can be transformed into a digital process. Participants will experience the benefits of electronic devises like eKanban, tablets, smartphones and wearables (ProGlove).
Implementation as well as business - related advantages of eKanban will be discussed.

Are you interested?

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Target group

  •  Lean Manager
  • Operational Excellence Manager
  •  Operations/ Production/ Logistic Manager
  •  Content
  •  eKANBAN
  •  Get to know the benefits of a PULL-System vs. PUSH-System; Material Handling, Production
  •  Designing a lean process as a foundation for digital transformation
  •  Implementation of an electronic KANBAN-System
  •  Get to & experience the benefits in working with mobile and wearable devices

Your trainer

Ing. Francesco Dall’Oca is Managing Partner at Sintesia, the lean company that in 2011 developed KanbanBOX (, the first software solution that solves the difficulties of stockholding by an electronic Kanban. He is Professor at CUOA Business School in Vicenza for the MBA and the Master of Lean Management and co-founder of Officina Snella and Lean Competition®, two experiential learning platforms for students and managers that replicate a lean process.